Sunday, September 28, 2008

Regarding my lengthy absence

I apologize for being MIA recently,but I,and my family,have been dealing with some major life stressors.
A dear friend of mine passed away on the 8th of September and its left us all a bit shaken and in shock. I needed some time to close off from the world and let it all sink in so I could start the process of healing once again. His death came too soon after my father's untimely passing in June.
Also...Due to water damage in our apartment and a severe mold problem as a result of it,we have had crews working in our home from morning til evening for some time now and there is still quite a bit left to do yet. The carpeting all needs to be replaced and the painters are coming in this week as well.
After that,I will be out of town for a few days,then things should be returning to normal,at least in theory.
I appreciate your patience as I get things in order so I can get back to business as usual with this blog.
My friend Nick Redfern has also had some life stress of his own,so as soon as we get the chance,we'll catch up on things and I'll get his schedule and post "Where the Redfern Goes" once again.

Again,many thanks for your patience.
I hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Ta ta for now!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where the Redfern Goes(A tad late this week)

My apologies for this late post but it's been an exceptionally busy week in our household. My daughter started back to school,Ive got additional work,and we've had plenty of family related things keeping us running in 5 different directions.
Things should be settling down now,so you should start to see more posts. Woo hoo!

Nick's schedule for this weekend is as follows :

On Saturday September 6, Nick will be speaking at the Ancient Earth Mysteries conference at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center in Dallas, Texas. The subject of his lecture: the CIA's secret search for the remains of Noah's Ark. Truly a real-life conspiratorial mystery of Indiana Jones-style proportions! If you want to know what it's all about, here's the details:

One day later, on Sunday September 7, Nick will be lecturing on the subject of his new book, There's Something in the Woods, at the monthly meeting of the Dallas-Fort Worth Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Here's the details for those who may want to attend:

I try to have Nick's itinerary posted every Monday,but in case of times like this past week where I dont get it posted right away,please remember you can always check out his past and upcoming events by going to NICK REDFERN'S FORTEAN CALENDAR

Ta ta for today!
Your Mistress of the Mysterious,
Raven Moonshadow


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