Saturday, March 21, 2009


If you go down to the woods today....
Neil Arnold's new book MYSTERY ANIMALS OF KENT, a 400-page volume, is available to buy, from the author or from priced £15.00:
The book is a result of more than twenty years of research, a chronicle of thousands of sightings of 'big cats' in Kent, Sussex and the London outskirts, as well as other bizarre true stories, such as Neil's own encounter's with black leopards, lynx and puma. Also, read about the 'beast' of Blue Bell Hill, the Bluewater leopard, the 'beast' of Sheppey, the Otford 'panther', and a whole menagerie of mystery cats, as well as Neil's encounter's with gun-toting psychopaths, and black magic cults.
Find out about the Bexley cat-ripper, phantom hellhounds, lake and sea serpents, and other creatures of the murky depths. And not to forget, wolves, wallabies, apes, monkey's, snakes, flying and buzzing things, and general high bouts of strangeness which have plagued Kent... Forget the 'Blair Witch Project', this is Kent, where the wild things are...
Buy the book, and ask yourself whether you really know what's lurking in your neck of the woods...
**reposted with permission from the author

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Devil's Footprints

Jonathan Downes,who runs the Centre for Fortean Zoology,recently looked into a set of cloven footprints in the backyard of a lady from Devon.
He,along with his team of scientists,inspected the prints to see if the phenomena could be explained by means other than paranormal.
The footprints,which first appeared in the area in 1855,have been dubbed "The Devil's Footprints"
Check out the article by clicking here:
The Devil's Footprints

Friday, March 13, 2009

New website

Im happy to report that the new website is coming along nicely.
We've all been incredibly busy,so we've been fitting time in wherever we can to build on the site and get all our new gear together for this year's investigations.
You can check out the work we've done so far by clicking on the banner on the right side of this page that says Moonshadow Investigations.
We've still got a lot of work left to do on it,but Im pleased with the progress so far.
We have some really exciting things in the works. I think youll all be pleasantly surprised!
Be sure to sign the guestbook if you stop by!

Have a fantastic weekend,friends!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

CRYPTO ROUNDTABLE-- Monday night! Dont miss this!

This Monday is going to be an event like no other!

You'll definitely want to be there to experience the very first ever "Crypto Roundtable".
Join host JC Johnson along with guest-host Adam Gorightly as they explore the paranormal with guests Tim "Mr. UFO" Beckley, Andy Colvin(The Mothman photographer) and my good friend Nick Redfern.

Tune in Monday,March 9 @ 7 pm Mountain Time(9pm EST).
They will cover everything from Moth Man to UFO's, Bigfoot,Skinwalkers........and even Green Women!
It's a special 2 hour show,so dont miss it!
Click the Crypto Four Corners banner below to catch the show. Be sure to check out all the cool stuff including links to purchase your copies of 'Navajo Skinwalkers & Legends' and Nick Redfern's 'There's something in the woods",both of which I highly recommend.

The call in number for the show(618-912-4681) is also listed at the site on the scrolling banner!

Ta ta for now!
Your Mistress of the Mysterious,
Raven Moonshadow

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ghillie willy nilly!

A possible bigfoot sighting in Jefferson County, Iowa has recently sparked a controversial debate about the 'Ghillie suit" being responsible for a number of sightings and encounters across the country,especially in the south west.

If you are unfamiliar with what a ghillie suit is, it is a type of camouflage clothing that is meant to resemble leaves,twigs,and other types of heavy foliage.
It was allegedly designed first by the Scottish to be a "portable blind" of sorts.
Snipers and hunters are the main users of the outfit.

Ghillie suits have also been donned for use in games and sports such as paintball,but are most often used in military maneuvers and training,and hunting in heavily forested areas.

Could there be a percentage of bigfoot sightings that can be attributed to these suits?
If you take a look at these photos,it's easy to see why it is,in some cases,the first conclusion reached.

As always,I would love to hear your feedback on this topic.
The original article regarding the sighting can be found at :
I hope eveyryone is enjoying this lovely Tuesday afternoon!
Have a howling good day!
Ta ta for now.
Your Mistress of the Mysterious,
Raven Moonshadow
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