Friday, January 7, 2011

Mass deaths of birds and fish : The aflockalypse? Or just another weird, incredible, milestone in biological history

At first glance, I too am inclined to look at the fish and birds perishing in great numbers as a "sign" or portend of something to come, but as a budding Zoologist and scientist, I take a look at the hard and true facts and put the puzzle pieces together bit by bit until Occam's Razor clues me in and I find the simplest, most likely answer.
What I know about animals already and have also been reading in several different reports, is that this is indeed a common occurrence and will happen periodically on earth, caused by sources such as weather changes, air pollution, disease, acid rain, and even magnetic fluctuations that throw birds and other creatures off their instinctive migratory patterns. Whales washing up on beaches is just one example of these terrible, yet natural, disasters.
It's all part of Mother Nature's design.
Now, are there things we can do about some of it? Certainly!
Pollution is definitely something we have within our realm to control, at least to some degree.
If we put all of our minds together for a solution, surely one will come about.

My main objective in posting this today is to point out that we should take care not to jump to conclusions too quickly and focus on paranormal or government conspiracy, when we should be looking at the big picture and focusing on the facts in order to find a solution, if indeed there is one.
Not that we may not find a paranormal reason or government conspiracy some day down the road. Those too ARE options, but they're simply not the likeliest causes, and that is my point.

Check out this latest report from yahoo news, and give it some thought:

FACT CHECK: Mass bird, fish deaths occur regularly

Have a howling good day, Haven fans!

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