Friday, February 20, 2009

Is the Baleh river in Borneo home to a giant snake of mythical proportions?

The nearby villagers seem to think so,especially since several of them claim to have seen the beast with their own eyes.
This story came to me via an email group I belong to,and I had to take a serious pause for thought on this one.
Is it a trick of light?...A log floating down the river?... A pretty decent photoshop job?...or does a 100 ft. monster really lurk just beneath the waters of the Baleh river.
You be the judge! :
100 ft. Long Snake in Borneo

Ta ta for now!

Your Mistress of the Mysterious,
Raven Moonshadow

Friday, February 13, 2009

Werewolves on the Radio tonight! Dont miss it!

Join my good friend Nick Redfern tonight at around 10:30 pm Central time,along with Tim Beckley,as they discuss werewolves on the Jeff Rense radio show.
You can link to the show from Nick Redfern's Fortean Calendar

Make sure to take a peek at Nick's upcoming adventures while youre on his Calendar page. He's always got something exciting in the works!

Enjoy your weekend!

-Raven Moonshadow

Monday, February 9, 2009

Neil Arnold's 15 Questions with Nick Redfern

Not only is Neil Arnold one of my favorite authors,I have the privilege of calling him my friend as well.
His book "MONSTER--the A-z zooform phenomena" is a book I cherish and often use as a reference guide for all things crypto and strange.
His latest interview is with another dear friend of mine,Nick Redfern.

Neil tackles the important questions everyone wants to know,yet his interviews are always personable. You really feel like you're getting to know the person he's talking with.
Make sure to get over there and check out his blog chat with Nick.

Be sure to leave comments! Neil will love to hear from you!

To visit Nick's page :

Have a howling good evening,my fledglings!

Your Mistress of the Mysterious,
Raven Moonshadow

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I would like to introduce you all to a great site and an amazing team of investigators,one of whom has become a personal friend of mine. His name is JC Johnson.
He is a great wealth of knowledge and inspiration to budding researchers like myself.

If you have not yet purchased your own copy of their new documentary,here is a link where you can buy it :

I highly recommend it. It's a video you can watch over and over and continue to enjoy more and more. It is packed with detailed information,exciting interviews,and beautiful landscape.

Check out their new site North American Fortean Society "NAFO" and become a member if,like myself, you are interested in all things paranormal and crypto.
Please be sure to make a donation if you can. Ongoing research is extremely valuable to this field,and public donation is always welcome and VERY appreciated by investigators. Things like travel and equipment can be very costly for us,so we are always delighted to recieve a little extra help to cover financial expenses.

CRYPTO FOUR CORNERS is also a cornerstone of their amazing work,so be sure to take a look at that as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on their upcoming videos in the series.

And please dont forget to check out my friend NICK REDFERN'S FORTEAN CALENDAR to see what the ol chap is going to be up to in the coming weeks and months. He always has something exciting in the works!

I hope everyone is enjoying this fine winter day!

Ta ta for now.
Your Mistress of the Mysterious,
Raven Moonshadow


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