Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy!

My blog today is dedicated to my mother, Flora McCarthy, who passed away from this world January 25th,2007.
It is her birthday today.
My mother was my very first link to the mysteries of the unknown. She loved everything about anything paranormal, Fortean and unknown. She was very gifted and knowledgeable, and though she never sought a degree, she had more education in the realms of science and math than most people who make a career of them. We often called her "the human calculator" because you could throw a random mathematical equation at her, and she could figure it out solely in her head without ever laying pen to paper.
She had a way of just "knowing" things and her sense about people was always spot on.
I loved to listen to her talk about the subjects she enjoyed so much. Dad was a die-hard skeptic, but even he could not deny mom's truly wonderful psychic talents, and he was, along with all of us, in awe of the things she could do.
I'll keep this short, but the following story is one that not many know about because mom chose to humbly keep it quiet for many years, but it is one which I would like to share with you today to honor her.
Were it not for my mother some years ago, a little girl in Ohio may have ended up being another child whos life ended all too soon at the hands of a child molester. The man held her captive for several days in the attic of a house and gave her very little food and water. In fact she was severely and dangerously dehydrated when she was found by local police after many days of searching. The man also kept her tiny hands and feet bound with duct tape so there was no chance of escape for her, though she was just barely 3 years old.
A group of psychics worked together on this case and are also to thank for their input as well, so I dont want to disclude them in this story, but it was my mother who was able to psychically tune into street signs, the house's exterior, and even the man's description down to tattoos he had and clothing he wore. With her input of psychic information, they were more able to locate the area, retreive the little girl, and put the man behind bars, where he will be for the rest of his life. The child had to undergo several reconstructive surgeries and intensive therapy, but was able to recover and go on about her life,because my mother took the time to concentrate on this case and even go without sleep, so that that little girl could be safely reunited with her family and have the chance to grow up and experience life.
My mother was a very special person, who constantly went out of her way for others, though her own schedule was at best frantic and chaotic, as her and dad worked so hard every day together in his business as a cash register salesman and repairman. They were always on the go and I always wondered where all that energy came from. I admire both of them for their strong wills and determination to forge ahead no matter how tough times got.
Dad joined mom in the hereafter a little more than a year after she passed. I hope they are both smiling down upon me and able to be proud of the person Ive become and the things I am accomplishing, due mostly in part to their wisdom, guidance, and never ending willingness to teach me and talk with me about the subjects I love so much.
I love you mommy and daddy. Thank you for being my parents. See you when I get there.


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