Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snowshoes and Tulpas

I am eager to get back out into the forest nearby and begin investigations for a reasearch project Im currently working on,but alas the Michigan weather has once again foiled my plans.
The winter's majesty is a beauty unmatched,but it isnt the most convenient of pleasures when you're traipsing through it with 25 pounds of gear and no showshoes.
But then again,who ever said trailing cryptids was going to be easy?
This is definitely a labor of love and a work you have to have a TON of patience with if youre going to stick with it.
It is often very trying and will test you to the limits of your physical endurance as well as your cultural and spiritual beliefs.
Speaking of cultural and spiritual beliefs,this brings me to today's blog subject : The TULPA
In Tibetan mysticism,the tulpa(also referred to as a thoughtform) is an entity or object brought into being by thought and will. A creation,quite literally,of the mind. A thoughtform is created, via careful concentration, typically by a practitioner of magick or shamanism. But it is also believed that our world is being changed and formed constantly by collective intent.We may very well be creating our own reality.
When you were a child,you probably remember your grandmother(or a similar authority figure) uttering the words "Be careful what you wish for,you just might get it"
Well,according to ancient shamanism,Grandma was right!

There are... apparitions that make public appearances. Some of these are said to be the perceptible double—the etheric counterpart—of a living person who is undergoing an out-of-body experience. Even more mysterious are the externalized perceptible manifestations of something whose existence originated in the mind of its creator by virtue of that person's incredible powers of concentration, visualization, and other, more occult, efforts of the mind. In Tibet, where such things are practiced, a ghost of this kind is called a tulpa. A tulpa is usually produced by a skilled magician or yogi, although in some cases it is said to arise from the collective imagination of superstitious villagers, say, or of travelers passing through some sinister tract of country.
— Mysteries of the Unexplained, 1990, Reader's Digest Association Inc. page 176

The concept of the tulpa was probably first brought to the Western hemisphere by a person named Alexandra David-NĂ©el,who claimed to have created a rotund,happy little monk who later had to be banished(destroyed) because it took on a life of its own and began causing a bit of a ruckus.
It is the intent of the practitioner to have complete control over whatever creation they manifest. But,as with any project,things can(and often DO) go wrong.

Could thoughtforms account for many of the varying degree of cryptids seen in our midst? Could these tulpas be the explanation for creatures that seem to manifest right out of thin air,suddenly dissapear and reappear in different areas,or walk straight through solid objects in their path as if they werent even there?

It is this question,and many others,that keeps my passion for cryptozoology burning bright.
For those of you new to my page,please check out Steve Cook's The Legend (of Michigan's Dogman) - Legacy Edition
The Michigan Dogman is my greatest passion,and the one I research the most out of all the cryptids. You can check out a trailer for Steve's documentary by clicking here :

Dont forget to check out what my friend Nick Redfern is up to this year in his "The Redfern Files" by going here :

Be well and enjoy your day,everyone!

Your Mistress of the Mysterious,
Raven Moonshadow


  1. Welcome back, Raven!!!

    Ironically, many people consider cryptids like Nessie and Bigfoot to be Tulpas. Hey, what do I know?


  2. "Maybe" is good enough for me! lol
    I'll be out there elbow deep in woodticks and poison ivy to find out! LOL

  3. And thank you for the welcome back my friend. I hope youve been well.

  4. Why, thank you for that, Raven!!!
    Basically, Ok. Hope you are better after your trauma last year. Me, I'm just waiting for 2012 to occur!!! :) Happy hunting! Don't forget calamine lotion for the Ivy!

  5. I was thinking more along the lines of wrapping myself entirely in cellophane,but I think your idea is a safer bet for keeping out of the mental hospital should anyone wonder what some loopy bird is doing running through the woods looking like a giant leftover!

  6. Great article, and right on target!

  7. Excellent piece...I think alot of 'monsters' are thoughtforms, creatures manifested, not always intentionally, but 'put out there' as such, with many having connections to the lie of the land. I'm not sure about Bigfoot, and as for Nessie, well, I've always gone for the big eel theory, but believe me, if enough people believe in something it sure does have a better chance of happening. When millions of tourists go to Loch Ness each year, the legend comes alive even if no-one really observes anything. I think these tulpa's, or indeed 'zooforms', are human creation, monsters of the id as such, and they become stronger the more the mania increases towards their existence. I think the best example was Mothman.

  8. Mothman! yes!
    Very good point.

    And speaking of all things mysterious...
    You have a new book coming out that Im really excited about and cant wait to read!

    To all of my readers :
    If you would like to know a little more about the book and Neil's research,please go here :

    And if you havent read his book "MONSTER! The A-Z Zooform phenomena" please check that out as well. Its a great book and I use it as one of my main reference books.

    Thanks for the comment Neil!

  9. Woops! I forgot to put that the title of Neil's new book coming out is "Mystery Animals of Kent"

    Be sure to get your copy!



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