Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ghillie willy nilly!

A possible bigfoot sighting in Jefferson County, Iowa has recently sparked a controversial debate about the 'Ghillie suit" being responsible for a number of sightings and encounters across the country,especially in the south west.

If you are unfamiliar with what a ghillie suit is, it is a type of camouflage clothing that is meant to resemble leaves,twigs,and other types of heavy foliage.
It was allegedly designed first by the Scottish to be a "portable blind" of sorts.
Snipers and hunters are the main users of the outfit.

Ghillie suits have also been donned for use in games and sports such as paintball,but are most often used in military maneuvers and training,and hunting in heavily forested areas.

Could there be a percentage of bigfoot sightings that can be attributed to these suits?
If you take a look at these photos,it's easy to see why it is,in some cases,the first conclusion reached.

As always,I would love to hear your feedback on this topic.
The original article regarding the sighting can be found at :
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  1. There's still enough of the Yooper Girl left in me to know that you shouldn't get excited about a Bigfoot sighting during hunting season :) Now if it were the dead of summer and I saw something that looked like a relative of Cousin It, I might think differently.

  2. LOL! You got that right!
    Growing up in the U.P. made us tough and also made us privy to some pretty strange stuff,eh Toni?
    Thank you so much for stopping by my site! Your comment is appreciated.
    Tell everyone back home I said hello amd "Say yah to da U.P. eh!"

  3. You're a Yooper, Raven???

    What a coincidence!!! Lisa Shiel, whose BACKYARD BIGFOOT is one of my favorite books, is also from there!!! Blogs from there, too. Returned to the UP after many years away. Know her, by any chance???

    Saw your Moonglow website. Great place!!! Wish you lots of traffic and readings, also!!!

  4. Bless your heart cryptids. Thank you! Ive really been working hard on that site and have hopes that we'll get a lot of company there.
    Yep,I was born and raised in the U.P. just like my friend Toni. We grew up together.
    I have not had the honor and privilege to meet Lisa Sheil yet,but I really hope to when I go back home to visit some time.
    Thanks again for posting! : )

  5. As a purveyor of ghillie suits(www.ghilliesandstuff.com)I am always interested in anything on the web concerning them.I have to say this is one of the weirder places I've been where ghillie suits were mentioned.A very interesting place, but weird.

  6. Well,Im glad you stopped by Mike. Thank you for posting that link. I'll have to check it out.

    I hope we're weird enough to keep you coming back to post again ; )

    Thanks again for commenting!

  7. I read something you wrote last night about how because of today's technology aka photo shop and such, that people are now more skeptical than ever. I believe this to be completely true! And, it is definitely a shame because it has taken an already closed minded person and raised the bar. Now with these camouflage suites made public, again, it sends a message to the "unwilling to consider". Technology is a wonderful instrument on so many levels, but I'm afraid people rely on it so much anymore that they are not able to think outside the box. Computers didn't invent the air, nor did man. But just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. We need to always keep an open mind and not think that we know everything. Because in the Big Picture- we know very little.

  8. Said very beautifully and powerfully,Renee!
    Thank you for your input. I agree with you on those points.
    By the way,everyone..Renee is another friend I had the pleasure of growing up with in the great weird state of Michigan!

    As scientists of sorts,we have to be on our toes and look at everything very carefully through logical,skeptical eyes.
    But we should never forget that life was meant to be magickal,mystical,and FUN. It should be an adventure.

    There ARE things out there we've yet to identify,and not just things of a 'normal' taxonomical nature that fit neatly into a chart.
    We are now finding out fascinating things about our world and beyond via physics and other similar sciences. We know now that parallel universes arent just the stuff sci-fi movies are made of,but are slowly and surely becoming a reality.
    Im looking forward to new discoveries in the coming years,especially those which will forever change our current view of history and science.

    Again,thanks for posting Renee!

  9. Your ghillie suit article is really getting around mistress of mystery. I just left a blog called "frame 352"
    which was chattins enthusiastically about your article. Of course you probably already know about it since its trying to be as weird as your site.

  10. If you would link me,Id be happy to check that out,Mike!
    I looked at your page but didnt find a blog name by that title.
    I wasnt aware anyone else out there was discussing my article. Thanks for letting me know. And thank you for stopping by again!
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods,my friend!

  11. I know you must be refering to the famous 'frame 352' of the Patterson/Gimlin film,so I searched for anything Bigfoot related on your page as well and still could not find the post,Mike.
    By the way,great page you have there!

  12. I wasn't familiar with the ghillie suit until your blog. That is important information and could explain a lot of sightings!

  13. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, it's also called a Yowie Suit! It could be a reference to the Ghillie Dhu, as well, which was a forest-dwelling Scottish faerie.



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