Sunday, June 7, 2009

Has a giant snake in the Amazon finally been proven?

Well, according to the father son team Mike (73) and Greg (44) Warner,it certainly has been.
But before we draw any firm conclusions, let us look first to Jon Downes of the CFZ to put things into perspective.
We all want to believe,but in order to give scientific credence to anything "newly discovered",the facts must be completely in place beyond a shadow of doubt.
All we can do right now is hold our breath until the rest of the data is in.

Here is Jon's post:

Here is Greg Warner's reply to it:


This is Greg Warner. I was with my Father Mike when we made the discovery. He is downstairs relexing after our Sunday BBQ.

I'm both excited and surprised to see this blog. One thing we hadn't planned for was a fight to convince fellow crytozooligists. We are putting togther our paper to be submitted to scientific journals as a start of phase two of our project.

However, your questions and concerns are valid and I will bring my father upstairs soon to address these questions.

Sometimes the truth is extraordinary.

GW "

What do you think,Haven fans?


  1. Where is the pictures??!!! I would hope if a claim like this is being made there is good hard evidence? Anxious to see it!!
    And I am surprised he is surprised that anyone would question his claim? Crytozoolisists included! There are so many false claims out there, how could one NOT question it??!! This field of investigatin would never be taken seriously if people just believed whatever claims were made but any nut case or professional. Mr. Warner should have anticipated skepticism and should have been prepared for it BEFORE he published his claim!!

  2. I would agree with Renee. It kind of took me aback that he was shocked to be challenged. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, as the legendary Carl Sagan once said.

    Now, that being said, it is still absolutely fascinating, but until more information comes down the pike, it will just remain a curiosity. I must, however, echo the sentiment that I hope it is true! It would be amazing!



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