Sunday, July 19, 2009


A mysterious black goo described to the Coast Guard as "an oil-like substance, thick and lingering below the surface of the water" that was first spotted by a group of local Wainright, Alaska hunters out in their boat, has now been dubbed "The Blob" and is making its way farther from the coastline, much to everyone's relief.
But just what is this oddity?
The test results,released on Thursday,conclude that the miles-long stretch of oily goo is non other than a bloom of algae,never before seen in the Chukchi Sea,but not completely unheard of elsewhere.
So far,it has been concluded that the blob is NOT toxic, but further testing is required before that is an absolute.
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Arctic Mystery: Identifying the Great Blob of Alaska


  1. Even though it's been identified as algae, it still creeps the heck out of me, Raven. I agree with the Inuits who say it is still cause for concern. Looks like something environmental to me.

  2. Yeah,its creepy either way. I agree with you Cryptids.
    I hope its not doing any damage,but the sad thing is that it doesnt look like its doing any GOOD out there.
    I guess time will tell.

    Thanks for stopping by,friend! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.



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