Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mark Curtiss's first post at "Into the Shadows"

Mark Curtiss is a Moonshadow Investigations team member.
We chose Mark to join us not only because of his interest in cryptozoology and the paranormal, but because of his keen abilities and know-how as a woodsman and nature photographer.
Mark spends countless hours walking trails, and we hope he forges many new ones in the coming years with Moonshadow Investigations.
Please take a moment to go read his first ever post with our team,entitled " An Introduction to Field Research-Thoughts"
Leave him some feedback if you wish! I think he did a fantastic job. We're very excited to have him as part of our team!

Coming soon : An update on the feral pig population and what Michiganders(and others across the nation) are thinking and feeling about the situation. In fact,posted below are some thoughts from a concerned citizen named Michael who came to me just a few days ago regarding crop damage in regards to growing populations of feral hogs down south. I think his thoughts reflect the general feeling of a sizable percentage of the population that has come into any kind of contact with, or suffered a loss from the habits of, these animals. Something must be done. But what? and at what cost? Here is what Michael had to say about it all :

"I sense this situation getting desperate.
Food prices are already on their way up because of the winter freeze.
Even the orange growers down here are spooked.
Those damn pigs are going to ruin crops all over the country.
We have to do something.

I think communities all across the country should get together and organize a bounty to be put on wild hogs and feral pigs. The money could be put in an escrow account.
This way, your tax dollars won't have to get involved.
Right off the bat, I can think of farmers having a vested interest, not to mention, anyone with backyard pets. I'm sure there are plenty other groups.
If you wait for GVMNT to get involved . . . . . .
Well, I don't imagine I have to explain this to you guys."

Give it some thought and leave a comment!

Until next time, Haven fans!
Your Mistress of the Mysterious,

Raven Moonshadow


  1. Personally, I have no problem with some bounty being placed on the feral pig population---as long as it is reduced in size, not wiped out totally.

    Many will support it, just as many will oppose it.

    Hopefully PETA will not get involved. I think not, actually. They're too busy making controversial ads in Hollywood and throwing fake blood at people. :)

    Happy New Year, BTW, Raven!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And whta do YOU think of this proposal!!! :)

  2. I think it's kind of amusing that when our feral pig population started becoming established a few years back, the game commission joined everyone else in decrying them and told Pennsylvanians to kill any we came across, classifying them as an invasive/destructive species. Then about a year ago, they did a 360 and made them an animal with its own hunting season, treating them like deer or bear or any other hunted NATIVE species.

  3. Cryptids! Happy belated new year to you as well my friend! : )

    My thoughts on the feral pigs?
    Well, I believe this situation is one in which there will be no easy or quick fix.
    Through the course of history creatures have adapted,migrated,mutated,and populated this earth,and all in the name of survival of their species. Just like humans, they will cope and change with whatever comes their way in order to maintain and sustain LIFE.
    Let's first remember it was WE who created the problem in the first place. Hogs were introduced here by human settlers,they were not indigenous to the continent.
    We are only dealing with what we ourselves started.
    With that being said, I believe whatever is done should be done with great care and balance. (Humanity has a history of not being so great at the delicate art of balance)

    Andrew, I find that interesting as well. But maybe the pigs have truly gained that much of a foothold that they can now be considered a relatively native species in many areas. In that respect,the regulated hunting seasons may just work and keep everyone happy.

    Hope both of you gentlemen are well and enjoying your evening! Thank you for the comments!



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