Monday, April 15, 2013

Sasquatch Art

Nearly 400 caves have been discovered all across the globe that contain paintings, etchings, scratchings, and carvings that give us a glimpse into the past regarding subjects ranging from sympathetic magic conjured up by hunting parties to the daily routines in the lives of our prehistoric human ancestors.

Hands at the Cuevas de las Manos upon Río Pinturas, near the town of Perito Moreno in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. (Picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

Not only caves hold these age-old treasures.
Petroglyphs such as Newspaper rock near Canyonlands National Park in Southeastern Utah and Laxe dos carballos in Campo Lameiro, Galicia remind us that humans were communicating and creating in all realms of nature and in many varied ways as well.

Newspaper Rock
Though many of these ancient artifacts have connotations of deliberate practical use, ie: ritual, hunting, marking the seasonal changes, animal migrations etc., could some have been done just for the fun of it? Did our ancient ancestors indulge in self expression?
Creation just for the sake of creating and expressing yourself is something that is not unfamiliar territory to us. People use art to express feelings of joy, anger, humor, passion, happiness, and a myriad of other emotions and personality traits. Some just let the stroke of pen or brush take them wherever its going to take them and then sit in quiet contemplation of the end result.

It has often been hypothesized that our North American Sasquatch make tree and stick structures as a means of some form of communication.
Whether these messages are ones of "Get out! This is my home!", "Hunting is good here" or "Welcome all, come and leave in peace" is anyone's guess. They could be boundary or trail markers, or they could be simply nothing more than the wind and the wood playing tricks on our eyes.
But isn't it fun to wonder if our giant hairy friends love to express themselves with artwork too?
The two pictures below were taken by me on April 13, 2013.
They are of a structure I found nearby when we first bought our home back in 2011. It has stood strong without change since. It is unique in the fact that is symmetrical / double-sided. If it was created by the wind, I should say it is worth a second glance even for that reason alone!
It is detailed and looks as if it were designed with deliberate precision.

Front of structure

Back of structure
The area in which it was found is known for unusual activity including a number of Bigfoot sightings.
Many other structures and possible "nests" have been discovered  near to this one and strange animal calls in the night have been heard such as whoops, screams, howls, and what sound like owl calls but with "something different about them".
Several residents in the area have been witness to these occurences, and many other events have been reported within a ten mile radius of  this structure.
 Is it a marker? Is it art?
Do Sasquatch express their thoughts and feelings through art like we do?
Maybe not.....................but it sure is fun to wonder.


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