Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First post--To protect or not to protect...

...that is the question.

It has been a long standing controversy in the crypto community..... Do we continue to set laws in place to ensure the safety of creatures we've yet to scientifically identify?
I say continue because there are already several governing bodies that have done just that.
Back in 1969, Skamania County's Board of Commissioners in Washington passed an ordinance making it a $10,000 fine and five years in prison for anyone who kills a Bigfoot in their county.
In Arkansas,the senate passed a resolution in 1973 that protected the habitat of "Whitey",a well known water monster who made a portion of the White River its home.
Loren Coleman writes:
"In Malaysia, the breaking news on April 22, 2006, from the New Straits Times is that “the Johor Government has announced total protection for the Bigfoot, as a State heritage, which cannot be injured, captured, transported out of the State or killed.”--Cryptomundo,April 22,2006

It is'nt too hard to imagine the chaos that will ensue once these creatures are finally"proven to exist."
Bubba and his entourage will undoubtedly be taking potshots at our hairy hominid friend, from the tailgate of a Chevy pickup, before you can even utter the words " If rabbits feet are so dang lucky, what happened to the rabbit?".
Something needs to be done before the situation gets that out of control. Would'nt you agree?
Waiting til the last minute when things finally go "ape" is'nt exactly what I'd call a great policy.

We know we are on the brink of the discovery of the century...nay,the millenia.
Would'nt it be nice to have nationwide laws in place before such occurences become the norm instead of just the imaginable unimagineable?

Not that it is'nt a great scam to keep us all thinking we're crazy,thereby keeping a seven foot tall,600 pound creature a secret (hey,I'll give credit where credit is due! ) ....but it's not going to work forever,fellas.

We're not a bunch of witless dolts that'll buy anything our "leaders" feed us and move on quietly without incidence. Too many credible witnesses are testament to the fact that we are about to embark on a journey our world may not be prepared for if we have'nt got some kind of plan of action in place beforehand.

You can only hold the lid down on a boiling pot for so long. Eventually you'll have to take it off the heat,turn down the temperature,or pay the price when you get scalded from the lid being violently blown off.

It's a recipe for disaster.


  1. I say, "protect" rather than not...BUT, reserve the right for people to defend themselves if attacked or threatening behavior should a confrontation occur.

    But unless u wait until one actually harms u --- at which point it might be too late to defend yourself considering their formidable size! --- how do you PROVE the situation called for defensive action which killed or injured such a creature? We either gotta honor the claims of the human involved, if there were no other human witnesses. Or maybe rely on polygraph results?

    Just kinda thinking out loud here.

    Interesting article, btw! :-)

  2. Hey Raven
    Great post!
    I have posted a piece to it at my "There's Something in the Woods" blog, and which can be found here:


    I've also linked to your blog.

    Great start to theb blog!


  3. Good blog, you're starting here, Raven!!!

    I was referred here by Nick's blog.

    Personally I don't hate "Bubba."
    He's wrong, but not evil. He simply looks at things differently than you and I. He needs to be educated, not necessarily "punished".

    Although I totally agree with you, some sort of protection needs to be implemented---since "Bubba" will be "Bubba".

  4. Thank you so much Nick!

    Everyone please be sure to check out Nick's place at :


    He has several other links to check out besides monsterusa,and also many books that you can find on the shelves of your favorite bookstores.

    Nick is an amazing author and he is a great inspiration to me.
    I am a huge fan of his work and I know you will be too!

    Thanks again guys!

  5. It's all well and good to want to protect the "taxonomically challenged", but again, the constant cry of the scientific community and skeptics alike is "Show me a body!"
    It should be noted that there are quite a few reports of Bigfoot being shot or shot at already.
    And in reality, the protective laws are passed for two reasons: It's a public relations/tourism gimmick, and to prevent scenes like the harbor full of shark hunters in the movie "Jaws".

  6. Are not protection laws designed for endangered species? There should be proof that these creatures are endangered, should there not?
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  7. Great comments,guys! Thanks for posting.

    Gummer,I think it all sits on the fence until a body is brought in,as you said...but my opinion is that it could be just as easy to tranq a creature as it is to kill it. Why it isnt considered to be more of an option than it is,is beyond me.
    There are so many questions and concerns,I dont know that we'll ever have it all ironed out.

    spfinc,you hit the nail on the head. There does have to be some proof,but hopefully it can be done safely for ALL involved.

    Cryptidsrus...Nice to meet you!
    I dont hate ol Bubba either. I just think it's an all too common desire of the human race to kill everything we dont understand or fear. Worse yet are trophy hunters that have big heads and a lack of responsibility. No offense aimed at the hunting community,Im speaking strictly of the careless ones in the bunch.

    Another valid point. Not only could it be possible that a cryptid could turn hostile,but there are other things out there to be concerned about even more-so,such as feral dogs,hungry bears,and even dangerous people.
    Everyone and every THING should be entitled the right to defend itself.
    Thanks for posting.
    Talk to you this weekend!

    You guys are all leaving some great thought provoking comments. Its much appreciated.

  8. Raven,
    Excellent start. I'll visit often.

  9. Thank you so much Charlie!
    Great to see you here.

  10. CLH,

    Somehow, we doubt that anyone would be in trouble for killing an endangered species in the cause of self-defence.
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  11. Hi Raven, I really like your blog. it is really interesting learning more about your passion. you area avery talented woman. We look forward to your research development in the future that we will read and comment about. It sounds like your interview that you will be having will be one that will help you in your endeavors... Keep up the good work.. Love you Aunt Trish and Uncle Ron

  12. Thank you so much for stopping by,Aunt Trish and Uncle Ron!
    If you get the chance,please be sure to stop by the sites of my friends,Ken and Nick. I know you'll enjoy their work as well. Theyre research and writing is far more advanced than mine. I hope to continue to follow in their footsteps and make them proud of my use of all theyve taught me.

    Love you so much!Thanks again for commenting.
    Talk to you soon

  13. Kathleen,
    This was great! I loved the pictures. It was a little "long" but rather interesting! Keep up the good work,
    Love always,

  14. LOL
    I think its because you read all the posts in one fell swoop and commented to the first one I posted,Tara.
    Thank you so much for stopping by.
    Love you girl!



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