Saturday, June 14, 2008

Still learning my way around the new blog

Please excuse the daily changes in blog scenery and the delay of postings while I sort everything out and get used to how blogspot works.

"The Elvira of the paranormal world" (as I've been recently dubbed by a friend) has some very exciting stories and interviews coming up for you in the near future,so be sure to stay tuned!

Your Mistress of the Mysterious, Raven


  1. So, can I have your number ;-)

  2. Got a pencil handy?

    Its 1-800-THENEWELVIRA ; )

    Its always nice to hear from you Neil,daaahhhling.
    Hope all is well in the UK.

  3. I've got an indellible marker...can't afford to lose your number now....I'll etch it on my soul...actually, where's that razor blade!
    A cool blog indeed lady.

  4. Good Evening, I thought your interview and article was interesting. The piglet monkey was really cute.... Keep up the good work.. Love Aunt Trish and Uncle Ron



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