Monday, August 2, 2010

Exploring All Realms: This week---Linda Godfrey joins us!

Join us on Thursday night at 9 pm EST as we speak with Linda Godfrey! Ken Gerhard will be filling in for Nick as co-host. The three of us should have a lot of fun and good werewolfy discussions!

Linda S. Godfrey is an author, artist and investigator who specializes in strange creatures, people and phenomena. Some of her books include The Beast of Bray Road, Hunting the American Werewolf, Weird Michigan, Strange Wisconsin, and to be released September 2010: The Michigan Dogman, Werewolves and Unknown Canines Across the USA. She has appeared on the History Channel's Monsterquest, SyFy's New In Search Of, America's Scariest Places, Fox News Sean Hannity,Coast to Coast AM and many other national TV and radio shows.
She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their dog Grendel. Contact or follow her at

And dont forget to check out my blog at the crypto haven!

Have a howling good day, Haven fans!
-Raven M


  1. I love Linda. I wonder if she is still planning to go to the Mothman Festival this year. You should come, Raven!

  2. I really would love to come!
    Maybe we should plan a caravan?
    I know its September 18th right?
    I'll definitely see what I can do!



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