Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bigfoot Love

From whistles and whoops to woodknocking and tree structures, we can obviously assume our elusive man-beast is intelligent.
But what of his emotions and sex drive?
Do Bigfoot cry? Do they woo their mates? Do they turn down the stars and play their favorite Barry White album when they wanna "get their groove on"?

We all remember the flack that Loren Coleman took after his lecture in Ohio on the Big Guy where he, in passing, made mention(lightheartedly of course) that he wondered if a percentage of the Bigfoot population were gay, just as in our own homo sapiens.
It may sound silly at first.....but what IF?
If it turns out to be a flesh and blood creature, it is most certainly reproducing SOMEhow!
Reproducing,whether man or ape or something in between or related, means SEX is involved somewhere along the line, my little chickadees!
And if sex is involved in this category of sentient being, it can mean a higher rate of certainty that EMOTION is indeed involved in their mating.
Frans de Waal, who has done extensive research and authored books on Bonobos was quoted as saying in an interview "Same-sex, opposite-sexbonobos just love sex play, They have so much sex, it gets boring."
Read more about this intriguing primate in Frans' book :

If Bonobos share our love of sex, why can't our beloved Bigfoot?

It's one of those things that make me go "hmmmmmm"
Thought admittedly, you wont find me out on investigation any time soon wearing designer perfume and traipsing about through the underbrush in my Victoria Secret "frillies and laceys"....................................................just in case.

I hope this was mildly entertaining and even a tad bit thought provoking.
Have a howling good evening, Haven fans!

Your Mistress of the Mysterious,
Raven M.

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