Monday, September 27, 2010

TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER? The U.N.'s official alien ambassador

Looks like we've just moved to the next level in space affairs.
If E.T. is out there, then astrophysicist Dr. Mazlan Othman
(M. Othman? Mothman? Hmm) will be the first to roll out the red carpet, put on the tea, and invite us all to the party.
A party, most will agree on, that has been going on long before the invitations will ever be sent out.

This kind of announcement always makes me wonder just how long 'they' have already kept the big secret from us and toyed with our desire to believe. It's a secret some folks have had the inside firsthand experience of, but were told they're "crazy" or "misinformed" or "blind" or " liars" The vicious cycle goes on.
Is this one step closer to an admission? Or a rather timely and well orchestrated joke.

To read all about Dr. Othman's 'position' and the Office for Outer Space Affairs, go here:

UN answers 'take me to your leader' with official alien ambassador

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