Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mysterious crack in the earth shakes up U.P. residents but one man has theanswer to the puzzle!

Being originally from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, this story definitely caught my eye and made me take note.
A ground fissure opened up in Stephensen, Michigan, after a loud "boom" was heard that shook houses in the area around it.
Ground fissures can be caused from any of a number of things including horizontal movements of sediments that occurs when water is pumped from the ground, gas reservoirs, and even collapsed mines.
But this one had the authorities scratching their heads.
There seemed to be no immediate cause for why the ground has opened up.
Trees are tilted at a 30 degree angle on either side of the fissure, and the fissure is already 200 yards long and the ground raised up 5 ft.
But listen to what this man has to say, and you may find that mysterious crack in the earth isnt so mysterious after all!

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