Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time travelling Charlie Chaplin fan?

No doubt, by now you have all heard about the "time traveller" discovered in a piece of 1928 footage which allegedly shows a woman speaking into something(alleged at first to be a cell phone) held tightly to her ear, and even smiling as she is having a conversation.

Well, the mystery may have been solved even before being fully launched across the internet and airwaves.
In doing paranormal research of ANY kind, one must always remember that the simplest answer is probably the most accurate. (Remember the acronym KISS? -Keep It Simple Stupid, or Occam's Razor?)

Take a look at this site and decide for yourself :

And below is the video in its entirety. The only curious question yet remaining to be answered is who on earth is she conversing with? She is clearly unaccompanied, and yet she is smiling and seemingly talking to someone. Perhaps a case of schizophrenia? Another hoax?
You decide!
**Click on video twice for full screen**

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