Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Please forgive my lengthy absence recently.
Many transitions have been taking place in the past couple of weeks.
We had a tragedy in the family and I have been away for a little while taking care of things and doing some much needed healing.
Now I am ready to delve back into my research and get the ball rolling here in my Mysterious Haven.

Much appreciation and many thanks go to Nick Redfern( and Ken Gerhard( for being the wonderful mentors/friends they are,and for collectively steering me back to my research and keeping me focused on pushing forward with courage. You two are amazing and I am incredibly fortunate to have you in my life and be learning from you.

**Please be sure to check out both Ken and Nick's works. They are very passionate about their research and writing, and it is never anything short of phenomenal. I'm a huge fan of them both. **

Now,as far as my own research and how it's coming along :

Things are coming along,but they're coming along slowly for now.
I have some very exciting interviews in the works coming up very soon. I know you will enjoy them.
From Dogman and Bigfoot to Ghosts and Ghoulies,I'll have a little something in store for all of you,so stay tuned!

I will keep this short and sweet for today. I'm off and running to do some research.

Be well and stay mysterious!

Your Mistress of the Mysterious, Raven


  1. Thank you very much!
    It's good to be back.
    Thanks for stopping by,cryptids!

  2. You're welcome, Raven!!!

    BTW, since you're a lover of the unusual like me, check out the post by the Paranormal Pastor at his site about the monkey god!!!

    I admit I believe it...
    In passing...nice layout!!!

  3. I'l be sure to check that out straight away,cryptids!

    By the way,I click on your name to get to your blog but there is nothing there.
    Am I doing something wrong? lol
    Id love to keep in touch with you and read some of your blogs. : )

  4. Sorry about not finding anything...

    To be honest, I'm not TOTALLY familiar with Google "bloggings."
    My bad. Gotta take time to read the rules more. Gotta make it so I can leave a collection of postings behind. Gotta get back to you on that.

    Anyway, go to Cryptomundo, Monsterusa, The Paranormal Pastor for my posts. I'm Cryptidsrus there too.

    You would be great at Loren Coleman's site, why don't you post there?



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