Friday, October 16, 2009

Paranormal vs. Flesh and blood

When discussing cryptids of any kind, the topic of whether or not they are paranormal in nature is sure to enter the conversation at some point, and is often a very heated topic of debate among cryptozoologists and enthusiasts alike.
Many sightings and encounters across the globe mention attributes of these creatures that lend a supernatural feel to the experience, whether intentional or not.
Some are surely misidentifications of known animals, inanimate objects, tricks of lighting or the eye, or just plain hoaxes altogether.
But for those few completely as of yet unexplained encounters, the debate runs hot about the true nature of the beast in question.

Tracks leading to nowhere, entities that seem to walk right out of thin air, some disappearing and reappearing in other areas. The list goes on.
Linda Godfrey wrote about an encounter where a cryptid was seen with only the upper half of its body visible to the eye. Accounts like these leave us with more questions than answers about our world and what inhabits it.

The Ojibwa have a proverb that says : " To find an animal, you must first find its food"
What if there is no food source to be found because there is no food source required for its survival? What then?
One can certainly see the rather confounding dilemma this leaves the serious researcher of cryptids in. With "unknown animals", there isn't a solid referrence point with which to begin the journey of discovery. One has to simply step into the unknown with an ignited passion to know the truth and the fervor to spurn that passion into action.
Science definitely has its place among this work and is a basic foundation with which to conduct investigations, but one should be careful not to pigeonhole themselves into a biased way of thinking.

Many options are out there, but none have eliminated the other as an answer...............................................yet!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Fall day.

Your Mistress of the Mysterious,
Raven M.


  1. Sounds like these are partially supernatural creatures to me, Raven...
    Hope YOU are enjoying your day.

  2. Thank you,C!
    I have to agree with you on that. I believe there is definitely more than one answer,in fact,quite possibly,MANY.

    How are things in your neck of the woods? Any new sightings or experiences?

  3. NO, same old boring life for me...:)



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