Thursday, October 22, 2009

Patterson's Deathbed Confession

For decades, rumors of fakery have surrounded the Patterson/Gimlin film of a bipedal creature who has affectionately come to be known as "Patty"

Theories and speculations continue to fly in the community, as is typical.
But what is the truth about the supposed hoax?
A deathbed confession by Patterson may have cleared that all up once and for all.

Read all about it at Loren Coleman's CRYPTOMUNDO

Enjoy your day,Haven fans.
-Raven M.


  1. hmmmm how about a huge blast from the past i hope i awakin a part of ur past to put a big smile on ur face ... marts ps im very glad alot seems to be working out now always there watching over u my angel

  2. Marts!!!!!! Wow!! Its so nice to hear from you! : ) : )
    So much has changed and happened since I last saw you. We even moved into a new house!
    I'll have to send you pictures.
    I have a new email now too.
    Please keep in touch. We've got so much to talk about!
    *hugs* for you and Donna.



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