Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The infamous Chupacabra? Or just another coyote

Click on the link below(or copy and paste into a new browser) and give me your thoughts on what you think this creature is. I'd love to hear what you all have to say about it.


In my humble opinion,it really does look like a coyote-ish type animal.
The long protruding snout as it turns its head to the side could be that it really indeed has an exceptionally long snout,or it could just be an optical illusion from the way the onboard camera is reflecting light. Or it could be something else entirely.
Remember folks,the other animal that looked similar was DNA tested and was ruled,in the end,a coyote hybrid of some sort.
On another note...
It's not too far fetched to think we could be witnessing an evolutionary change of some sort. The coyote could possibly be adapting to changing climate and environment,thus becoming an entirely new species.
This would explain the weirdness surrounding its appearance and an inability by some labs to give a complete analysis of the creatures tested.

Even if it isnt the infamous Chupacabra,we still could be witnessing something very historically and scientifically significant.

Dont forget to check out my interview with Neil Arnold from yesterday.
He is an amazing and very interesting person and I know you'll enjoy the interview.

Also,be sure to check out Loren Coleman's thoughts about the Georgia bigfoot body(Again,you may have to copy and paste,as BLOGSPOT is being a wanker today and not allowing my links to be clickable) :
(Thanks for the reminder,Cryptids!)

Ta ta for now,Fledglings!


  1. AM I FIRST? I signed up for the RSS feed & it works great! MiGi

  2. My quick thoughts...

    If it is a coyote, it has got to be the ugliest, most "ghetto," most aardvard-looking coyote I've ever seen. And notice the sheriff said he was sure it wasn't one. His opinion, of course, but I'm sure he's seen enough coyotes in his life to be pretty sure. Ditto if it is a dog. I've seen some ugly dogs in my life, but sheesh.
    And I didn't feel anything but creeped out when that thing turned around. Did you?

    2) Not goatsucker, but some sort of weird hybrid. Could remotely be a dog---maybe a mutant canine? Is there a nuclear power plant near Cuero? :) :) :).

    3) Anderson Cooper had a bit on this at the end of 360 last night. Him and Kiera Phillips smiled their little anchorman smiles and said---"looks like a dog to me." Very smirking and mildly cynical. Did not show the part where the beast turned around, which would give it a more ambiguous vibe. That's why I do not put trust in the media anymore. We report, THEY decide. Twice for Fox News. :) :) :)

  3. Glad to see you posting,Migi! : )
    Im glad its working for you.

    Cryptids,I like to call Fox News the National Enquirer of the airways. lol
    Admittedly,I do frequently watch it though.

    That canine is indeed an oddity,but I would put money on it that a DNA analysis would come back "some sort of coyote" just like the others.
    But then again.....who knows.
    One thing Ive learned over the years is that this planet is a VERY weird place with alot of weird inhabitants.

    Thanks again for the comments,guys!

  4. out of all the mythical, blood sucking creatures out there, the Chupacabra is almost certainly the sneakiest



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