Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New weekly segment!--"Where the Redfern Goes"

Im happy(ok,so Im ecstatic!) to announce a new segment that I will be posting every Monday entitled "Where the Redfern Goes"

Nick will send me his weekly itinerary so I can post it here for you,so you wont miss any exciting interviews,articles,or lectures of his throughout the upcoming week.

Here is what Nick is up to this week! :

Monday(August 18th) , I was interviewed by the Blogsquatcherfor an online post on Bigfoot and the paranormal. Hehas posted a piece telling people in advance about theinterview, which can be found here:

Also, Monday, the just-published issue 4 of Britain's"Alien Worlds" news-stand magazine includes an articlefrom me on my book, "There's Something in the Woods."

On Wednesday night(Aug. 20th) , I'll be on Uncanny Radio with hosts Linda Godfrey & Steve Sullivan, and we'll be discussing my new book, "There's Something in theWoods."

On Sunday night(Aug. 24th) I'll be on Darkness Radio.

Dont forget to drop by Nick's homepage at :
You can check out his bio,purchase books,look at his latest reviews,and link to his blogs.
Sometimes things come up last minute,so if there are any changes to this schedule or any new stuff is added,I'll be sure to update you right away.


As far as updates on the recent Bigfoot body fiasco,you can read the rather disheartening details at the FOX news site here :
It's really a shame things turned out this way. I think we all had hoped for the best,even if some expected the worst.

I hope you all have a howling good Tuesday afternoon!
-Mistress Raven


  1. Good show, Raven!!!

    As for the Sasquatch fiasco, like I said before, c'est la vie...

    Let's see what will happen with Biscardi and Fox. IF it happens.

  2. awesome reporting there Raven..I love the werewolf pics on here..they are awesome possum!

  3. Thank you Esther!
    Good to see you here. : )
    I appreciate the kind words.
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods,Luv!

  4. Looks like it is a hoax.

    Cryptomundo has Dyer's's "apology."

    Hopefully, Coleman will come out of this all right. It didn't help, though, that he got people's hopes up by intimating this COULD be real. See his "Georgia Gorilla Could Shock The World" post a week ago in Cryptomundo. Well, hope will always be here. I hope the Crypto community learns from this and moves on, Raven. May take a while, though.



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