Friday, August 1, 2008

The Montauk Monster?

Exactly what this thing, or even what it's related to, is anyone's guess at this stage.
Care to take a stab in the dark at identifying it?
Suggestions such as "turtle without it's shell" to "mutant dog" to of course the ever present "Chupacabra" have been surfacing for roughly the past 72 hours,after this strange looking critter washed ashore at Montauk Island,New York.
Whatever it is,it's caused quite a stir among the locals and is quickly gaining notoriety across the internet.
To stay tuned to the latest findings,please check in at Loren Coleman's Cryptomundo site at:

As I dig up any new details,I will keep you all posted!

Have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. I'd be surprised if it's a new species and think the 'beak' is misleading and could simply be an exposed nasal bone. It's a shame that the press continue to lump such creatures into the 'chupacabras' mystery, have you noticed how in different countries and States the 'goatsucker' has a different identity, possibly proof that it;s a mere culture dread and manifestation rather than flesh and blood creature. I still think this'll turn out to be a dog, or mustelid. Shouldn't zoologists amongst cryptozoologists be able to identify the carcass with ease ?

    Dark blessings Raven.

  2. Great story, Raven. Some random thoughts:

    1) Some people have been speculating it is a "turtle" or "racoon." Er, no. No way. That whatever-it-is is too big to be either. I'm not an animal expert, but I know s--t from chicken s--t. Canine, maybe. Could be a mutation of one. Highly unlikely, though. Could also be a mutated pig. Mehhh...

    2)It is a creepy sight. Looks like something H.R. Giger came up with in a moment of inspiration (anyone remember him, folks?).

    3)Is it JUST a coincidence that this washed up in Montauk---THE Montauk Island, where all the supposedly ghastly "time travel/genetic/biological" experiments by the government took place many years ago? A possibility that cannot be ignored, I say. UFO people know about Montauk. Do you, Raven? I wonder what they're saying about this??? IF this is real, of course.

    4) I (admittedly) am sort of a "conspiracy" person. Stewart Swerdlow supposedly is a survivor of Montauk and like David Icke is a promoter of the "Reptilian" domination theory. On his website, he declared this to be a "hoax." Could be. Take that with a grain of salt, like all the other possiblities that come one's ways.

    5) There is a second photograph of this. The position and profile of the body are way different, which suggests either the body was moved or something else (photoshop?) Cryptomundo has them now. I have no problem accepting this is real but one has to be open to everything, including hoax. Could also be a publicity stunt for a show. Some are claiming that, too.

  3. Great comments,guys!

    Neil you have an awesome point. I would think someone,especially with zoological background,couldve identified it by now if it is indeed a real creature.
    And Cryptids,yes I have heard things here and there about the island and its "goings on" but admittedly I dont know enough to form any kind of sound judgement on it.
    I have been watching the news on and off throughout the day and have yet to hear anything about the "Montauk Monster",so photoshop or other types of hoax are not beyond the realm of possibilities.
    Im wondering where the creature is now.

  4. That is one of the saddest photographs I have ever seen. It most resembles a turtle without its shell.

  5. Or a pitbull ? I don't think we should be talking conspiracies or UFOs as yet. Then again, us humans have blamed the aliens for everything ranging from cattle mutilations, Men In Black, crop circles blah blah...might as well blame them for this poor creature turning up.



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