Monday, August 4, 2008

The Montauk saga continues...

It looks as if our new found friend the Montauk monster won't be letting go of the limelight any time soon.
Added to the assortment of labels its been given,we now have "raccoon" on the list of favored speculations.
According to some experts, the "beak" protruding forth from the animal's snout is nothing more than the nasal structure having been exposed in the decomposition process.
Another curious update in this story is that the creature has apparently dissapeared from one of the photographer's back yard and is now being "kept hidden" until scientists can examine it further.
Hmm...the plot thickens,crypto fans!
Here is a video interview that Plum TV's Nick Leighton did with the three women who supposedly happened upon and photographed the now famous monstrosity:

Good grief,the past week in cryptozoology has certainly been busy...
A Monster in a box,a Bigfoot in a freezer....
What's next?...a Mandog in a Samsonite suitcase?

Til next time,my flock!
Your Mistress of the Mysterious,


  1. Mandog in a suitcase? Don't bet against it given all that's gone on this week!

  2. Kinda resembles Gloria (she deadpans). Good lesson for people taking pictures. Always place something next to it to compare size. Ofcourse if the creature is still living, I then suggest....RUN!!

  3. Hey. Nick just got back from Puerto Rico,guys. We better check his suitcase for chupacabras!

    LOL Jill. I always have my running shoes on when out in the field.
    But,as the old saying goes...I dont have to be faster than the thing Im running from.....I just have to be faster than the person Im with!

    Yes indeed,Cryptids! This case just gets more bizarre by the minute.

    Thanks for all the comments guys!

  4. Thanks for posting! I've been meaning to look into it being from 'lawng eye land' LOL! MiGi

  5. Could this be a water/muskrat.......?

  6. Good point,Jill!
    It could very well be. I wish we had more of a size relation to tell us more.

  7. Migi!
    So good to see you here!
    Thank you for stopping by!
    Keep us posted if you happen to hear anything more from the locals in the area since youre practically at "ground zero".

    Have a good one,my friend!

  8. It's an otter...

    :) :) :) :) :)

    Seriously, this has gone beyond standard sighting into pop culture phenomenon. The other day I saw a video of the Montauk Monster giving Obama the "fist-bump." LOL.

  9. Cryptids you gotta link me to that! lol. I would love to see it if you still know the link.

    If I were the Geico lizard,Id be scared of losing my job right now.

  10. Actually, I misspoke. It was a picture, not a video, Raven. But here is the link, anyway:

    In that vein---

    The guys at LaughOrDie who came up with Paris Hilton's "Payback" video against McCain said they considered having the Monster run as her vice-presidential nominee. She chose Rhianna. Good choice on their part, though. Would help her with the Evangelical vote, I guess.
    And you know, now that I think about it, pink actually wouldn't be such a bad color for the White House.
    :) :) :)

    (Not being political here, of course. Just being funny. Know this is not a "politics" blog. And thank the Almighty for that!!!)

    Seriously, though:

    This brouhaha actually trivializes whatever value this carcass may have had, scientific or otherwise.
    And to top it all off, the carcass is "just bones" now. Too bad. Wish somebody had had the presence of mind to present this to a reputable scientist or animal "expert" for identification. Maybe soem identification can be made from the bones.

    You wanted the link, you got it!!!

    And see you at the convention, "B----es." LOL.

  11. All very good points,cryptids.
    I would think they would still be able to collect information form what's left.
    The fact that it HASNT yet been turned over to anyone in the scientific community leads me to believe we may be on the trail of another hoax,but its anyone's guess at this point since we dont know all the facts and probably never will.

    That picture is great,by the way! Im still giggling!!
    Thanks again cryptids! You rock! *muah*

  12. We don't expect to see the creature in a suitcase anytime soon.
    The TSA ruled it was against FAA regulations, because his claws were too long. Plus, he weighed over the maximum amount that could fly without being assessed a surcharge, and since he didn't have a wallet on him, he couldn't pay the fine. In addition, since he had no ID and no boarding pass, he was detained at the gate as a possible terrorism suspect.
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  13. Leave it to Shadow to deny the Dogman a boarding pass.
    I guess its all for the better anyway...If the plane went down over the Atlantic,he'd probably die from accidentally punching a hole in his inflatable thingamabobbie.
    We're not even sure he has properly working opposable thumbs anyway..*shrug*



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