Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Here is the latest post(accompanied by pictures of the beast) by Loren Coleman on CRYPTOMUNDO regarding the "Georgia Bigfoot/gorilla" :



  1. Looks like a gorilla? MiGi

  2. I can't get into Loren's site anymore. I guess the server crashed. Can you, Raven?

    By the way, Nick led me to the BRFO site, where they are tagging this as a "hoax." Haven't read their reasoning, but I would suspect it has to do with the name "Biscardi" attached to all of this. Maybe. I just think we all need to tak a deep breath and look at the evidence on Friday before jumping to any conclusions. I happen to like Biscardi, by the way. Blogsqautcher is also giving off slightly skeptical vibes as well.

    The one I'm worried about is Loren Coleman, Raven. God help us all, and especially him, if this turns out to be nothing more than a hoax. He has gone on record based on other's reports that this sounds real. He is the most respected cryptozoologist out there---him and Meldrum. If this is debunked, then his reputation will be in tatters, for better or worse. Cryptozoology as a whole may go into disrepute. That sounds paranoid, but you know how everybody is out there. It's reality.

  3. I cant get on to Cryptomundo either,Cryptids. Its either deliberately taken down or its waaaaayy overloaded with hits,as you said.

    And I agree,Im gonna feel really bad for Loren if this turns out bad.
    Its not only his reputation at stake though,its all of cryptozoology. People wont trust in the scientific study and research of these creatures if we keep having to stomp out hoax fires.

    This whole things frustrates me.



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