Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music"

The title of today's blog is a quote by a famous woman named Angela Monet who was,in her own way,as mysterious as the cryptid creatures we spend countless hours passionately researching,investigating, and discussing today.
If you try to look for her,you'll find little,if any,information available about her. Some speculate whether she even existed at all. She couldve been someone who wished to remain anonymous and out of the general public view,yet desired to leave her mark in some way to let us know she was indeed here and left her "footprints in the sand". Perhaps there were a few she trusted enough to share a glimpse of her world with, but to most she remained elusive,and still does even to this day.

Sound familiar?

As cryptozoologists,paranormal researchers,investigators,and armchair enthusiasts,we all share one thing in common........ ..We dance to the music most will probably never take the time to hear.
We seek the elusive and mysterious...and in doing so,we become a part of them and they a part of us.
I may never live to see firsthand a family of water monsters frolicking in a Scottish lake, or be able to capture a photograph of Bigfoot on my trusty digital,but does it mean I believe any less that these creatures exist? No,of course not. But half the fun is in the quest. Life should be an adventure. Let them laugh,let them point..... I'll still continue to dance.

Who wants to be "normal" anyway ; )

Be sure to stay tuned in to the Haven over the next few days,my fledglings. Ive got another exciting interview coming up that I just know you'll love!

Here's a little something,courtesy of 'cryptidsrus',to make you smile!

Ta Ta for now!
Your Mistress of the Mysterious,



  1. I knew it. Obama picked the Montauk Monster as his VP!! Woop Woop. Mikey G (Fuzz)

  2. Well that just seals the deal for me.

  3. I'm honored. Just linking to a web site---but I'll take it. ;)

    I also searched for "Angela Monet."

    Really could not find anything. Thought maybe she was related somehow to Claude Monet but couldn't find anything. Maybe she just submitted a random quote to a message board and it caught on. Anyway, whoever she was that said it, she was right.

    Whatever the MM is, I still think it's not a racoon. Love ya, Loren Coleman, but I'll disagree with you on this one. Normal animal probably, but not racoon.

    Again, thanks for the shout-out, Raven.

  4. LOL Migi. Its better than some of the other choices !

    Yeah,Jill almost voted for the Geico lizard,but Montauk just had that extra something that made her change her mind.

    No problem,cryptids! Always love hearing from you.
    Yeah I too doubt its a raccoon. In the end,we'll probably find out its just Jimmy Hoffa.

  5. Raven,
    Which one is the cryptid?

  6. LOL!
    Its anyone's guess,Charlie!

    Thanks for stopping by,luv!

  7. That does it! We are definitely NOT gonna vote in this election! Bad enuff Obama has no experience, but he chooses some possibly fictional monster as his VP who has even LESS experience?? Ohh, this poor country is going to hell!! Is it too late to move to Seeberia??
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  8. Yeah,but the Yeti is running for office there.
    His VP is a snowshoe hare with antlers named Bluto.
    Want me to help you pack?

  9. this is a quote by friedrich nietzsche not your miss monet

    1. i agree. another famous quote from nietzsche- god s dead
      and i sw a man wearing that quote on teh front of his t-shirt..
      it went something like this-
      front of t-shirt : god is dead-Nietzsche
      back of the t-shirt - and so are you -God

  10. Well,every bit of resaearch Ive done says Angela Monet quoted it,but thank you for the correction.
    If I was indeed wrong about it,you have my sincere apologies for the misquotation.

  11. Cite sources for the nietzsche quote, please...

  12. I did find this....
    ” The Guardian is asking its readers whether anyone knows who is responsible for these words. An online search returns the mysterious “Angela Monet,” a poet apparently known, by some bizarre Google-triggered closed loop, solely for coining that phrase. Other sites attribute a present-tense version to comedian George Carlin, while some Guardian readers suggest it belongs to Friedrich Nietzsche.

  13. Also this...

    The quote is attributed to him on this page

  14. My apologies for the mix-up. It seems there was some kind of Google glitch regarding that quote according to what I found earlier on it.

  15. Hi Raven, interestingly enough:

    You say, he seems to be crazy -
    This is because the music
    to which he dances,
    not for your ears is created.

    - Rumi, The Song of Love

    And Rumi was born September 30, 1207 - so that above may very well be what inspired the line from Monet/Nietzsche, though between the two I would put my lot with Nietzsche - since there's virtually nothing to be known about this "Angela Monet", hmm? =]

    Yours truly,

  16. the quotation belongs to Nietzsche.



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